Project Genius

Project Genius – Hypatian Enigma

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Project Genius – Hypatian Enigma

Product Description: The “Project Genius – Hypatian Enigma” presents a captivating numerical challenge. Players are tasked with aligning numerals so that each line adds up to 38. This puzzle, suitable for ages 8 and up, boasts a difficulty level of 5/5, making it a stimulating test of mathematical skill and logical reasoning. It’s an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys number puzzles and brain teasers.

Key Features:

Mathematical Challenge: A unique puzzle that combines numbers and logic.
Engaging Gameplay: Ideal for developing and honing mathematical and problem-solving skills.
Quality Design: Durable and well-crafted, perfect for repeated play and display.

Why Buy This Product:
The “Hypatian Enigma” is perfect for puzzle enthusiasts who love number games and challenges. It’s not only a great way to exercise the brain but also a fun and educational tool for learners of all ages.

Age: 8+

Difficulty Level: 5/5

Product Dimensions: 16.5 x 17.5 cm