The Purple Cow To Go - Peg Solitaire

To Go - Peg Solitaire

Single player game

Peg Solitaire is an ancient strategic game which requires and develops strategic thinking, forward planning and concentration skills.
Accorfing to an urban myth the game was invented in the 17th century by a French author who was imprisoned  and searched for ways to keep himself busy.

The Game
The goal is to remove as many magnetic pegs as possible from the board. The ultimate goal is to remove all magnetic pegss from the board but one located in the central circle. Select a magnetic peg and jump over the adjacent one into a vacant position on the board. The "jumped" over peg is removed from the board.

Compact and chic, a classic board game designed in a slim tin case. Printed on both sides with magnetic pieces.

Fun and affordable travel games, for all ages.

Age: 6-99

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