Dean Morris

Dean Morris started his company from a bedroom of a shared house he was living in back in 1999.

The company is still run out of a spare bedroom, but now is thankfully a bigger one that Dean owns himself. (Dean says the commute is excellent).

Following his studies in Fine Arts at university, Dean proceeded to work in a variety of unrelated jobs.

After visiting a London store one day, he decided to take the plunge and make his own handmade cards.

Dean received funding from the Prince’s Trust - a charity in the UK that gives small businesses a head start, attended his first trade show, and the whole thing snowballed to what it is now. 

Apart from the occasional use of outside designers, everything is designed in house by Dean himself. 

Australia was one of the first countries Dean Morris exported to back in 2004, since then the company has expanded to USA, Canada, New Zealand, France, Japan, the Netherlands, and Spain.

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