Curly Girl

Curly Girl Design started off with only a handful of cards just over 10 years ago.

Based outside of Boston, MA, Curly Girl now has hundreds of products based off owner and artist Leigh Standley’s artwork! 

Leigh attended the University of Kansas School of Design with her BFA in Visual Communications - she has always been driven by art, design, and communicating through the visual arts.

The Curly Girl team is made up of 8 full-time employees, including Leigh, and 3 part-time pups that keep them company: Lucy, Sprocket, and Daisy.

All products are originally handmade by Leigh, then the artwork is transferred to it’s various forms. All the product design happens in-house. 

The greeting cards are printed on recycled paper using soy based inks and many of the products are even printed with machines that run on wind power!

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